Oil Change Services in Watertown, NY

5 Reasons You Should Change Your Vehicle's Oil Often

1. Combustion Gunk

Gunk can do a lot of damage to your vehicle's engine which will in turn make your car run less efficiently. Gunk begins when corrosive byproducts build up inside of your engine's oil. If gunk is left for a long time inside your car, your engine may overheat which could cost you quite a few bucks.  

2. Oil Stress

Due to high temperatures inside your vehicles engine, your oil may experience a thermal breakdown. When the oil breaks down due to the heat, the parts of your engine can begin to rub against each other creating issues within your engine. 

3. Clogged Filters

When you get your vehicle's oil changed at our Watertown dealership, we always will change your filter. The filter helps prevent sludge from reaching your engine by preventing oil from escaping. If you don't have enough oil in your engine, it could potentially die. 

4. Corrosion

Along with sludge, your oil can also accumulate dirt, dust and water. These elements will corrode the inside of your engine. When you keep fresh oil in your engine, you''ll avoid corrosion. 

5. Leaks

The longer you own your vehicle, the more likely it is to have gasoline and coolant leak into the oil. This is a rare occurrence but someone from our service center can identify this when changing your vehicle's oil.  

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